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I am excited to launch a monthly membership program that will give you the ability to maintain services at affordable prices and the upkeep that you deserve.

Services will include all gametes of facials, body hair removal, and weight-loss/inch-loss/detox.

Ladies, the best way to see results is with consistency. What I see with women is that we work hard, but rarely invest back into ourselves. Setting aside time for yourself, treat yourself, adds to your own self worth and helps you realize your full power.

To receive discounted prices on any of my services moving forward, it will have to be from a monthly membership plan. Unfortunately I cannot run my business with large discounts without having a monthly guarantee of returning clients. Some of you will love the membership plans, and some of you will prefer to receive services like you always have. I am happy to meet both needs.

For my Members, Friends and Family Referral discounts will allow you to have luxury add-ons to your services. If you would like to see a mixture of services to create another plan, send me a message, and I will try to create something for you!

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Like many, from Halloween to Groundhog day, I celebrate. This is my favorite time of the year, not just for the religious significance, but because the hearts of people become soft, the hardness begins to melt away, and it's acceptable to demonstrate love again. If my mom has impressed anything within me, it is this, Love looks like something. I have seen that demonstrated so beautifully with my clients. I am truly grateful for each of you.

Beginning December 15, 2018 I have a special promoting product sales. I have never really done this before, so it's very exciting for me to be able to do it! This sale will end January 15, 2019.

Also new is an eyelash enhancing serum! This helps the lashes grow longer, thicker, and fuller. That is available now.

Thank you for all that you do to support my dreams!

Susie Sarkozy

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"Surround yourself with people that lift you higher" -Oprah winfrey

From now, through August I am offering a contest. If you go to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and my web page and give a review I will enter your name in a drawing for each site where you have reviewed me. This drawing is good for 1 Lash Lift with tint or 1 Microdermabrasion Facial. Your choice!

Google Search for Susie Sarkozy in Fort Smith

Yelp Search for Susie Sarkozy, LE in Fort Smith

Facebook Search for Susie Sarkozy LE

My Web Site

May the Games begin!!!

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